Join Our Park Based Fitness Training Sessions
for New Mums in Sydney!

Many new mums don't really give themselves the care they deserve due to the pressures of motherhood. At Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group, you'll benefit from personal training and fitness sessions that fit in with your demanding lifestyle and your budget. Offering fitness classes in various locations throughout Sydney, you can discover the joys of exercise with your baby by your side! There are no joining fees and you pay as you go.

Call Yasmin on 0410 422 367 or email us now to discuss a timetable that suits you and your family.

Who We Are

At Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group, we offer convenient and affordable personal training in the relaxing surrounds of your local park or beach. You will be trained by a Nationally Certified Trainer who is also the mother of a young family.

What We Do

Discover a fun and social way to shed those extra kilos, make friends and enjoy the great outdoors. Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group offers group and one on one personal training sessions that cater to all levels of fitness. You'll find that our training sessions are effective and enjoyable for you, your baby and friends.

You Deserve It

Don’t wait another moment. Don’t make excuses. JOIN NOW! You may attend classes with or without your baby. It's your choice because at Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group we want to make staying fit and healthy easy for busy mothers.

Call 0410 422 367 or email us and get started now!

Where We Meet

Group sessions are held in Sydney, NSW at various locations (other locations are available on request). 

Come and join the group at:

  • Carss Park - Tuesday and Friday at 9.30am
  • Oatley Park - Wednesday at 9.30am
Mummy at Yummy Mummy Fitness Session