A Personal Trainer in Sydney Who Understands the Needs of New Mums

At Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group we firmly believe that expensive gym equipment is not necessary in order to reach your fitness goals. On the contrary, our philosophy is that any park can be a gym! We hold our group fitness classes in various beautiful outdoor locations in the Sydney CBD, St George Area and Eastern Suburbs. Unlike a gym, you only pay for what you need! Our fitness sessions are extremely reasonably priced and require no long term commitment.

We invite you to read through testimonials from just a few of the inspiring, strong and beautiful mothers who have enjoyed our classes. 

Client Testimonials

“Joining Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group has exceeded all my expectations. I have lost my goal weight, look toned and feel fantastic! The training has proved to be effective and the support and encouragement has been outstanding.”

- Debby, Coogee

“ Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group was exactly what I needed to get back into shape post baby. I have achieved great results with my fitness level increasing tenfold as well as shedding quite a few kilos. Yasmin is a great trainer and tailored the exercises to my personal needs. 7 months on I actually look forward to the training sessions along with a chat and laugh with other mums.”

- Mum of 1, Hurstville

“Hey! I can see my feet now!”

- Anonymous Mummy #1

“I am fitter and slimmer than I was before I had a baby. It gets my baby and I out of the house and is great place to meet and chat with other mums and their babies.”

- Mummy of one gorgeous girl, Randwick

“I can take both kids and it's at a time that suits, now I have no excuses!”

- Mum of two, Mortdale

“A fantastic workout, affordable and convenient for mums. I joined Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group in February and I've never looked back. I feel full of energy and I really look forward to each session. I'm also happy to be a good role model for my daughter.”

- Mother of one, Oatley

“Joining the Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group is the best thing I ever did. It gets me and my baby daughter out of the house for some fresh air and exercise. An excellent start to a busy mum's day!”

- Mum, Bardwell Park

Enjoy fitness, fun and fresh air! Contact Yummy Mummys Outdoor Fitness Group now.